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TM 1450 (U.S Military surplus) 1450 HP @ 100% = 6600 RPM.
Turbine engines are completely disassembled and inspected by our in-house technicians with over 25 years of turbine maintenance and turbine engine development experience from the U.S Army. Every engine’s internal parts are serviced, or replaced, and brought back to flight specifications to maximize longevity and engine life in the harsh marine environment. The engine function gauges we install in the dash are:

Turbine engine speed ( N1 ) 0 to 100 % 100 % =19,500 rpm; Output shaft speed ( N2 ) 0 to 110 %. 100 % = 6,600 rpm; Exhaust gas temperature ( EGT ) 0 to 1000 C Turbine preferred operating temp 500 – 550 C. The marinizing process of the turbine engine includes:

Stripping all painted parts down to bare metal, epoxy coating and re-painting all parts to the customer’s specified color of choice; all external fasteners on engine are changed from steel to stainless steel and the specialized fasteners that cannot be changed to stainless are chrome plated to maximize corrosion resistance. The engine is also outfitted with an on-the-fly engine compressor wash down system that can be utilized while you are running to keep the engine’s internals free from salt build-up on extended trips. After the engine is hand assembled, it is run on our in-house Dyno for tuning and final inspection before installation in the vessel.


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TURBINE MARINE is the first company to successfully utilize water-jacketed turbine exhaust in a pleasure boat. Our exhaust system is fabricated from a special alloy stainless material used in the military that is designed for this application. Upon completion of the system, the external jacket of the exhaust system is highly polished for a stunning show finish. The exhaust system is kept cool using our own designed, high volume, 24 V electric water pump, being supplied with its electricity from the Turbine’s generator. The motor is environmentally sealed with a built-in internal fan for long life. The entire pump head and impeller is made out of 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. Water pressure and exhaust water temp gauges are mounted in the dash to monitor these vital functions.

TURBINE MARINE is also the first to implement the use of a custom designed dry-sump hydraulic transmission on Turbine applications. This combined with our custom designed electric over hydraulic braking system, with environmentally sealed micro switches built-in to the shifting levers, makes for flawless conventional shifting without any buttons or pedals to push. The Turbine output reduction gearbox is equipped with a torque metering system that we utilize by installing a torque gauge in the dash. This allows the driver to monitor the amount Ft./ lbs. of torque the Turbine is delivering to the out-drive at any given time, so that one can limit the chance of over torquing, in return increasing reliability.

The Turbine is equipped with a dry-sump oiling system with a 12 qt. oil capacity. TURBINE MARINE uses a polished stainless steel oil tank and Aeroquip braded stainless steel lines with anodized aluminum fittings on all its oil lines for maximum durability and esthetic appeal on all its installations. The dash is also outfitted with oil temperature and oil pressure gauges for monitoring all functions.



The turbine fuel system is based on an Aero-motive height pressure fuel pump with a billet fuel / water separator plumbed in the fuel line before entering the turbine. The system also has a return to the tank for any unused fuel. All fuel lines are braded stainless steel with anodized aluminum Aeroquip fittings, and we also install a fuel pressure gauge so fuel pressure can be monitored by the operator. There is also a fuel shutdown recovery system built-in. (Every time a Turbine is turned off it must drain about 1 pint of fuel out of its main fuel manifold, which allows the turbine to stop running). Some Turbine installers let this fuel dump into the bilge and it gets pumped out with the water in the bilge.

TURBINE MARINE’S system recovers this fuel in a tank that is located in the bilge, and at the time the ignition key is activated to start the Turbine it pumps the fuel back into the fuel tank where it can be safely used again. Turbines can run on multiple fuel combinations; Jet A, Kerosene, Diesel, Diesel and unleaded gas ( 75%D 25%G Mix ), or a combination of all fuels mentioned. However Jet A, or Kerosene, are recommended because they burn very cleanly and odor free.

TURBINE MARINE has taken advantage of the 300 amp Turbine starter / generator to supply electric power to all its electrical components in the vessel. However it has been proven that the other aviation electrical components that originate with the Turbine are not reliable in the marine environment, therefore, TURBINE MARINE has developed its own environmentally sealed digital voltage regulator and components suited for the marine environment. The Turbine generator supplies 24 volts to the start batteries, water pumps, power steering motor and battery chargers and all other 24 V systems on the vessel. We also use 12 V battery banks that are charged with a 24 V to 12 V charging system for the low voltage systems on board; gauges, lights, stereo etc. Our digital voltage regulators allow you to check your charging rate and condition of your batteries with great accuracy. This is very important, as good batteries are vital for proper starting and operations of all systems on board the vessel. We only use 100% maintenance free, dry cell technology batteries in our installation.

TURBINE MARINE has developed its own electric over hydraulic power steering system that is powered by the Turbine generator. After the Turbine has started, the starter / generator is switched from start mode to charging mode. At this point, it automatically activates the electric power steering system that runs at a constant RPM which in return gives you a smooth, pulsation free operation at any given vessel speed. The steering system is linked to both engines charging system, so whether you are running one or two engines, the system works properly. The electric power steering motor is environmentally sealed. It also has a built-in fan for cooling and is designed for 10,000+ hrs of operation.

For more information, contact John Arruda at 954.979.4409 U.S.A. or e-mail jarruda@turbinemarine.com